Communication Futures: Connecting interdisciplinary design practices in arts/culture, academia and the creative industries

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Human beings, as users, have always been obsessed with finding new ways of communicating through various techniques and technologies.
The rapid technological changes that have occurred during the last two decades have allowed us – the users – to communicate through various social media platforms, providing us with more easily, faster and more frequently ways of communicating.
However there are always concerns about other impacts those technologies might have on the communication processes.

The aim of the conference is to facilitate conversations on Design and collaborations between

  • Digital Arts and Humanities,
  • Creative Industries,
  • Digital Libraries and Archives,

with an emphasis on communication futures and there impact to historical, theoretical, knowledge-transfer research processes.
For the first time the DRHA conference would like to support and bring together the Academic environment with that of the Creative industries under a conference that will affect the current interdisciplinary creative practices.

The DRHA2014 will include ground breaking academic papers and well-known speakers and series of presentations.  Join the Conference for up-to-date discussions, dynamic debates, innovative keynotes and experimental performances and aims to open a discussion on defining design NOW, as a discipline that connects interdisciplinary practices, focusing particularly on issues of communication and its impact on adjacent industries that affect the following subtheme extensions:

  • Digital Museums and Libraries;
  • Histories and Archives;
  • Virtual and Physical Spaces
  • A World of Gaming;
  • Digital Agora: Democratising or monopolising
  • Gender and Contemporary Society;
  • Technology and Body
  • Technologies impact on the Socio/cultural;
  • Social Media;
  • Narratives;
  • Big Data and Digital Death;
  • Eternity Ethernet: is it eternal or will disappear tomorrow
  • Creative practices: Design; Fine Arts; Architecture; Performance; Sonic Arts

We invite original papers, panels, installations, performances, workshop sessions and other events that address the conference theme. We encourage proposals with innovative and non-traditional session formats. Short presentations, for example work-in-progress, are invited for poster presentations.

The Event will be held in the historical centre of Maritime Greenwich and in Old Royal Naval College, University of Greenwich but also partly in our new campus and in other venues around the Royal Borough of Greenwich in the heart of London, UK.

DRHA2014 – Local Committee

Convenor: Anastasios Maragiannis, Academic Leader – Senior Lecturer in Design
Assistant Convenor: Stacey Pitsillides, Lecturer in Design
Senior Administrator: Ilaria Longo

Prof of Digital Creativity, Gregory SportonHoD Creative Professions & Digital Arts
Dr Alev Adil, PL & Artist in Residence
Dr Chris Brown, SL
Nickie Hirst, Senior Lead in Creative Enterprise and Design 

James Hobbs, SL

Emmanouil Kanellos, SL
Dr Gauti Sigthorsson, SL

David Waterworth, SL