DRHA2014 conference committee accepted full panels for 60 minutes. in some cases the committee grouped delegates, whose presentations are based on a shared theme or topic (chair and up to 4 members). Panels will present and debate complementary aspects of a specific body of work, or contrasting perspectives on a specified topic.

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DRHA2014 on YouTube

The DRHA2014 International Conference on YouTube. Watch some of the ground breaking presentations and performances.

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DRHA2014 Programme

We are very excited to release the programme  for the DRHA2014 conference. Please download the PDF version

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Evidence, Technology and Uncertainty

Mon 1 Sep ||Recent widely used technological means which occupy our life worlds in fact lead to a banalization of both...

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Image Music Tech: Media (Fan) Remixing and Remodelling

Mon 1 Sep || Academic fascination with the fan community took off in the 1990s with Jenkins’ ‘Textual Poachers’ and...

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Opensource, Hands-on and Maker World of the Present and Future digital humanities practice

Tue 2 Sep || This panel will focus on the rise of Opensource technological and ‘hacker’ practices and more recently...

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Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and Social Sciences

Tue 2 Sep || This is a proposal for a panel centring on our ‘Methodological Innovation in Digital Arts and...

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Research in the Digital Arts – historical perspectives and future expansion

Wed 3 Sep || This Roundtable brings together speakers from a range of sectors, all involved in overviewing methodologies and...

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