For over 11 years DRHA: Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts (Previously named: Digital Resources in Humanities and the Arts) continues to be a key gathering for all those are influenced by the digitization of cultural activity, recourses and heritage in the UK.

A series of annual conferences whose goal is to bring together the creators, users, distributors, and custodians of digital research and resources in the arts, design and humanities to explore the capture, archiving and communication of complex and creative research processes. This includes: Scholars, teachers, artists, publishers, librarians, curators or archivists who all wish to extend and develop access and preservation regarding digitized information rendered from contemporary culture and scholarship; the information scientist seeking to apply new scientific and technical developments to the creation, exploitation and management of digital resources.

DRHA provides intellectual and physical space for cross-disciplinary discussion and the generation of new ideas, resulting in many new networks and productive research relationships. The DRHA conference started at Dartington, and it was a development from the DRH conference series which began at Oxford in 1997

Every year the conference is moving to a different Academic Institution which supports and successfully run the conference.

Recent conferences at Dartington, Cambridge, Queen’s University
Belfast, Brunel, and Ningbo-China, have welcomed colleagues from many
research fields and professional backgrounds, from academia and the
worlds of design, performance and fine art, exploring themes such as: DynamicNetworks of Knowledge and Practice (2009); Sensual Technologies:
Collaborative Practices of Interdisciplinarity (2010), and Connected
Communities: global or local2local? (2011).
The last one took place at University of Winchester: Reconceptualising Digital Creativity; Re-mapping Behaviour,
Engagement and the way we Archive in the 21st Century (2013)

As the Chair of DRHA Organisation and on behalf of the standing committee I would like to invite you to participate in DRHA2014 conference and we are looking forward to welcome you at the University of Greenwich, in the heart of London.

sue_broadhurstSue Broadhurst
Professor of Performance and Technology
Chair of DRHA Organisation
Brunel University