This workshop will enable participants to explore the nature of research data in the visual arts and the essential elements of its appropriate management.

When: Sunday 31 Aug 2014
: QM267, Queen Mary Court
Duration: 3 hours
Time: 11.30am – 14.30
Workshop presenters: 
Leigh Garrett, Robin Burgess, Amy Robinson and Anne Spalding
Practical requirements:
Workshop is intended for 10-12 participants. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW, at the bottom of the page

For researchers, the effective management of research data helps validate and contextualise the outputs of artistic research, while at the same time supports the research method by enabling researchers work more effectively and to mitigate against the risk of data lost. In addition, many funders now require data management plans to be submitted as part of the funding process.


Research Data, data management, artistic research


Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and led by the Centre for Digital Scholarship, a research centre of the University for the Creative Arts, and working in partnership with Falmouth University and the Glasgow School of Art, the VADS4R project is currently developing a series of tailored skills development workshops and materials on research data management in the visual arts.

These are focused on the needs of early careers researchers and postgraduate students in the visual arts and will be piloted over the course of the current academic year. Through utilising this emerging knowledge and practice, participants will be given an opportunity to:
> examine the nature of research data in the visual arts and why is it important and to whom;
> learn about the key requirements of good research data management and what to consider when when planning your own approach;
> explore the vital elements of the data management requirements to help support your AHRC funding proposal.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations and participant led activities. It will be an abridged version of the full programme currently being piloted so it will offer only a basic introduction to this vast and complex area, however participants will be offered access to the online pilot toolkits for independent review following the session.

Workshop is intended for 10- 12 participants. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW, Register with an easy and fast way – Eventbrite