Please read the notes bellow carefully as you will need to be prepared before your presentation day and time.

For Session Chairs:

  1.  Please take the time to download the abstracts in the session you are chairing ABSTRACTS
  2.  Please arrive at your scheduled room 10 – 15 minutes early in order meet your presenters and sound check. There will be technical support on hand if there are any issues at this stage. You may also be required to communicate with Virtual Delegates but if this is the case you will be informed in advance.
  3.  It is your responsibility to keep the presenters to time and stop presentations when necessary. Please remember we are running on a very tight schedule and sessions cannot overrun.
  4.  It is also your prerogative to form the debate around the 4/5 papers within your session and often to ask the first question to the group and or summarise the session outcomes.