Please read the notes bellow carefully as you will need to be prepared before your presentation day and time.

Info For Presenters:

For Authors Presenting Academic Papers:

  1.  Bring your presentation on a USB stick for uploading to a main computer prior to your session (PDF/ PowerPoint recommended). If you believe your presentation has special requirements (e.g. use of software that may not be available on every machine such as Prezi, QuickTime et al) and therefore must be presented on your own device, please make sure to bring any adaptors needed to connect to the projector.
  2.  Please arrive at your scheduled room 10 – 15 minutes early in order meet your chair, set up your presentation, sound check et al. There will be technical support on hand if there are any issues at this stage. For Virtual Delegates, please also be available during this period for Skype link and presentation testing (Your presentation will need to be sent in advance and if it is not self timed you will need to coordinate this with the chair of your session).
  3.  Make sure your presentation does not overrun the designated 15 minute time slot as we are running on a very tight schedule and this will be cutting into the overall question time for your session.