Sunday 31 August 2014 || INIRE multimedia stage performances are realisations of audiovisual metaphors, based on digital re-reading and re-writing of myths, as well as the deconstruction of archetypes and traditional texts.

When: Sunday 31 August 2014
: QA065, Queen Anne Court
Duration: 35 mins
Time: 20.10 – 20.45
Performance by INIRE: Krzysztof Pawlik and Malgorzata Dancewicz


Inire’s stage productions are created with multiple sensory channels, combining interpenetrating levels of sound, images and words – generated by electronic and electroacoustic instruments – such as soundscapes, samplers, analog synthesizer, modular systems, electric double bass as well as live video, singing, speaking or live writing.

Audiovisual performance Shipwreck score is composed of sounds and pictures of nature and shipwreck remains, collected during documentations on eastern coast of Iceland, Djúpalónssandur, where in 1948 wrecked English vessel. These field recordings were processed and combined with audio and visual datas and generated by analogue modular systems. To raise sounds and images were used fragments of stranded metal parts of the ship, which makes the classic concept of field recording permeated the spirit of site specific music, next treated by technique of analog modular synthesis in both the audio and video.

The project inextricably refers to the issue of using documentation tools in performance and of performance documentation. The recordings,which served as the audio and video base, were made during the group’s stay in Iceland. The idea was inspired by a peculiar atmosphere of the bay Djúpalónssandur. In the fifties it was a place of work of sixty boats. Today, the only thing left is the remains of a beached wreck organizing a blank space after the man, the territory in which there is no division between nature and culture, the boundary is blurred, because no one no longer sets it. Performance includes elements of reception and deconstruction of natural phenomena modified in analogue processes. In this context, an important issue is the question of the dependencies between human, nature and machine.